7 reasons to pick a local real estate agent

7 reasons to pick a local real estate agent

Shop local and sell local, and there are good reasons why!

In this short video, I take the time to break down seven good reasons why it’s in your best interest to sell your house with a local real estate agent.

A local agent:

  1. Knows the local market
  2. Is networked with local contacts
  3. Has experience in the local sales process
  4. Knows local pricing trends
  5. Has membership in the local MLS
  6. Is motivated to improve the community
  7. Has a reputation to maintain.

I had a friend from high school who lives a couple of counties away, and after her Dad passed, she listed her house in the Elmira-Corning area with an out-of-the-area realtor, nearer where she lived. If you have a New York State real estate salesperson’s license, technically you can help buyers and sellers in all of upstate New York (New York City has it’s own rules!), and I actually ended up showing her Dad’s house to a potential buyer. There were so many reasons this was a problem for us “locals” that I figured most people just aren’t aware of the reasons why it pays to stay local.

The bottom line is local agents know the local market, are vested in the community, care about their reputation, and know the people and process better than someone from another market.

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